Doña Vega, an organic and artisanal Mezcal represents the side of Mexican history that is creative, bold and progressive. Their producer is a woman who generates methods of production that dates back to the Spanish conquest. Doña Vega is produced in a small town outside Oaxaca, Santiago Matatlàn by a family who has passed down the tradition for five generations. The agave is hand selected and agave piñas are roasted for four days in stone-lined earthen oven pits over a low, steady fire.  Following production, Doña Vega is stored in oak barrels, which adds richness to the flavor.  The result is a mysterious and delicious drinking experience, full bodied, with smoke and minerals that is remarkably smooth and balanced.  Doña Vega Mezcal offers two expressions – Espadín and Tobalá.  The Espadín is hand selected and triple distilled, with a light smoke and a white pepper finish that is wildly versatile in cocktails and a true adventure on its own.  Tobalá has a sweet nose, an intoxicating range of flavors, and a long, smooth finish. This is a true connoisseur’s spirit, a seemingly endless series of sensations, a depth of experience that continually inspires and surprises.  Doña Vega Mezcal promises the excitement of a new experience while staying true to tradition. It’s their vision of what a modern mezcal can be.