Peppi’s Cellar

Peppi’s Cellar is located underneath the Italian restaurant Gran Tivoli in Nolita. This large, subterranean bar will pair its massive spirits selection with a menu of upscale Italian bar fare and a comfortable vibe that channels an old-school bar in Rome. This will all be combined with a dose of Down-Under hospitality, as the cellar bar comes to New York City courtesy of a group of Australian restaurant-industry veterans, led by Jason Scott, co-founder of the Swillhouse Group and creator of famed Sydney haunts Baxter Inn and Shady Pines.  The space is accessed via a rugged, winding staircase which takes you through Gran Tivoli’s working wine cellar. The large subterranean space evokes a classic Italian bar, via Rome or old New York, from the 1940s or ‘50s. There are over 700 bottles tucked underneath the brick arches that line the back bar, and although every category is represented, the focus at Peppi’s Cellar is heavily on the brown. There are 350 whiskeys and 40 brandies to choose from, all on display and organized by region and distillery. Signature cocktails can be enjoyed at the 20-seat bar, or at one of the room’s numerous small candlelit tables that give a nod to Italian cafe society.